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Welcome to the blog ‘Whispers from the Soul’, where words and images collide in a mishmash of chaos and order.  This is one of those mysteries, wrapped up in an enigma.  There is poetry to read, short stories to peruse and eventually some photography as well.  Keep in mind, I get bored and change things around constantly – so the construction of this blog is perpetual.

For those interested, you can even catch up on the adventures of Wolfie & Kitty as we hit the road on 17 April 2012.  Yes, we do have a set destination however, who knows where we’ll end up along the way or the people we’ll see.  There is also a Twitter account associated with the road trip @akawolfie.

At some point in time I’ll also be blogging some of my dream journal – to share and to glean what I can from them, as well as maybe even come up with some more short story ideas.

Pick your poison from the list of categories!

Posted 12/04/2012 by myindigodreams

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