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Welcome to the blog ‘Whispers from the Soul’, where words and images collide in a mishmash of chaos and order.  This is one of those mysteries, wrapped up in an enigma.  There is poetry to read, short stories to peruse and eventually some photography as well.  

New area to explore (once I’ve added posts that is) – Rocks & Minerals. My Dad is a member of the Mineral of the Month Club – and soon I will be as well – and there are many specimens that I have photographed as I pack them up for the new house. I thought it would be neat to catelogue them here for my own benefit. Whether you like shiny rocks because they are shiny, or are interested in their metaphysical properties, then this section may be interesting to you.

Pick your poison from the list of categories!

Posted 12/04/2012 by myindigodreams

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